I am not a professional blogger. I am just an ordinary party member with some opinions and a bit of ambition.

I was born into an Armed Forces family. At the age of five, my mother left and I was raised for a time by a single father, working all the hours he could to make ends meet while still looking after me. It was the first lesson to me that not all families are “traditional”.

I first tried to join the Labour Party in 1997, but had my application form sent back as I was too young. Two years later, at the age of fifteen, I was allowed in.

In the years since then, I have campaigned, leafletted, door knocked, organised and canvassed more than I can remember. I have stood in Local Government elections more times than I care to admit, and spent two years campaigning as the Labour PPC for Hertsmere in the 2010 General Election. I was the candidate for the Bexley & Bromley London Assembly Constituency in 2016.

I work on the railway, and am the Chair of School Academy Trust based in Southern Hertfordshire where I have worked to protect nationally negotiated T&Cs – putting Labour values into action.


Unsurprisingly, I have a particular interest in Education and Transport.


I am proud to be a member of the TSSA.

All of the views in this blog are my own and are not representative of my workplace or the Labour Party.


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